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About Joopco

Welcome to Joopco, your innovative partner in e-commerce analytics! Founded by e-commerce expert Phillip D'Orazio, our platform is here to transform the way Amazon sellers access and interact with analytics, making it more user-friendly and actionable.

Our Mission

To provide access to reliable and comprehensive e-commerce insights to everyone. We are committed to innovation, continuously introducing groundbreaking features and staying ahead of industry trends and technological advancements.

What sets us apart

Joopco sets itself apart with its unique blend of comprehensive, user-friendly, and reliable e-commerce analytics. Driven by a fierce commitment to innovation, our goal is to be a disruptive force within the marketplace analytics industry.

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Discover the future of e-commerce analytics with Joopco and elevate your online business to unprecedented heights.

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Team Members

Phillip D'Orazio
Founder & CEO

Phillip D'Orazio

Harrison Sahm
President & CTO

Harrison Sahm

Peyton Tompkins
Director of Marketing

Peyton Tompkins