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Reimbursement Tool

  • Profit During Free Trial: Access the Reimbursement Report in the free trial and uncover unclaimed reimbursements.
  • Effortless Submission: Simplify reimbursement requests with a click, our team handles the rest.
  • Time Savings: Spend less time searching for lost reimbursements and more on business optimization.
  • Flat Monthly Fee: Transparent pricing at $99.99/month, no percentage-based fees.

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This estimate is based on revenue; for accuracy, try our free trial and use the Reimbursements Report.

Select the problems you are facing to see if joopco can help

Struggling to make sense of a vast amount of data? Joopco provides clear and actionable insights, making data more manageable.

Tired of discrepancies in your analytics? Joopco partners with Amazon to ensure accurate reporting, reducing errors and boosting confidence in your data.

Need a comprehensive view of your Amazon business? Joopco offers an all-in-one platform for a holistic view of your performance.

Spending too much time analyzing data? Joopco automates reporting, saving you time and effort.

Struggling to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts? Joopco's analytics tools provide detailed ROI tracking.

Frustrated by overlooked growth opportunities? Joopco identifies hidden opportunities in your data.

Dealing with inventory management issues? Joopco's reports help optimize inventory and reduce excess stock.

Unsure how to fine-tune your ad campaigns? Joopco's analytics provide insights to optimize your Amazon advertising.

Enhance your marketing strategies and customer satisfaction by gaining a deeper understanding of your customers with Joopco's customer analytics, including returns data.

Need to stay ahead of competitors? Joopco's market analytics helps you track and outperform the competition.

Fed up with expensive analytics fees or user-based charges? Joopco is your all-in-one platform for analytics, collaboration, and productivity, available for just $19.99/month per connected store, offering substantial savings compared to costly data analysis tools.

Are you tired of third parties taking a percentage of your reimbursements? Joopco offers a cost-effective alternative with a flat fee of $99.99, ensuring you keep more of your reimbursements without losing a significant portion to third-party fees.

Top Amazon Analytics Tool: Why JOOPCO Leads the Pack

Aggregation of hundreds of Seller Central data points into intuitive dashboards

Realtime data analytic visualization tools to help you sell better and scale faster

Up-to-the-minute Inventory recommendations to ensure you always keep in stock

Built in profitability and loss dashboard that enables sellers to stay profitable

Customizable notification alerts to keep Sellers updated to critical events

Built in Memo/Task management functionality for organization

100% safe and compliant, no web scraping, no RPA, and no problems

Now all FBA Sellers can use the same tools and data sets as agencies.

Explore Top Features in Amazon Analytics Tool


Task Manager

Task Manager

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Real Time Analytics

Real Time Analytics

Advertising Reporting

Advertising Reporting

Profit & Loss Reporting

Profit & Loss Reporting

Returns Reporting

Returns Reporting

Emailed Reports

Emailed Reports

Reimbursement Tool

Reimbursement Tool

“Unlock the potential of Amazon data with Joopco. Explore our live demo!”


Developed by An Industry-leading Amazon Agency with visibility into hundreds of accounts across all selling categories


We know Amazon inside and out

Drive more sales

Helping Sellers and Brands Scale on the platform

Equal Standing

Leveling the playing Field for all sellers


Integrating Data, Toolsets, Collaborative features and Notification Alerts


At a cost too good to pass up


On a mission to become the most used seller app

Who Can Benefit From Using JOOPCO

Individual sellers

With our user-friendly Amazon data analytics tool, Joopco enables anyone to unlock powerful insights and drive growth, without needing expensive analytics experts. Embrace simplicity and efficiency in your Amazon strategy.

Agencies and Consultants

Agencies and consultants can manage multiple client accounts, track metrics, and boost ROI using Joopco’s Amazon reporting tool for agencies. Its cost-effective platform enables scalable operations without incurring high costs.


Brands can leverage Joopco’s insights to enhance their strategies, ensuring they remain competitive and relevant in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.

Aggregators and Private Equity

Joopco’s in-depth analysis, a standout among Amazon analytics tools, tracks profits, performance, and growth opportunities, enabling aggregators and private equity firms to make informed decisions and maximize investments.

Management Teams

Joopco empowers management teams with actionable insights, enabling them to make strategic data-driven decisions that propel company growth.


Joopco, one of the leading Amazon analytics tools, equips manufacturers with the tools and insights required for successful navigation, ensuring their products reach a wider audience and achieve optimal sales.

Joopco: The Amazon Reporting Tool for Agencies and Consultants

White-labeled reporting for your client portfolios

Maximize Time

Our Amazon data analytics tools and platform increase overall production

More Output

Increase team efficiencies and bandwidth with automated reporting

Reduce Costs

For contractor and payroll cost

Impress Your Clients

With powerful functionality and reporting tool sets

Client Reimbursements

One-click case creation to drive more agency demand


Low cost, huge value = no brainer

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This tool not only takes care of all of our reporting needs but provides actionable insights and collaboration tools that help our team perform more cohesively. I see this product as a no brainer for small singular sellers and a more than capable tool to handle large agencies & aggregators.

Harrison Sahm


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